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Wellbeing Coach

A Transformative Coaching Experience.

Este coaching no es sólo sobre
- mentalidad de abundancia
- yoga y meditación
- qué hacer con tu vida
Brian Berneman is a wellbeing coach based in Auckland. This is an close-up image of his hands crossed in front of his chest to showcase a feeling a calm.

Is this journey for You?

If you resonate with these aspirations, then this transformative journey is designed for you.

  • Are you thriving in a career yet yearn for deeper purpose and connection?

  • Do you hold a leadership role, such as a manager, CEO, CFO, or COO, and seek to integrate conscious, mindful leadership into your professional journey?

  • Are you poised at the threshold of the next transformative chapter in your life, seeking guidance?

  • Is optimising your time while infusing every moment with intention and clarity on your mind?

  • Do you crave deeper resonance in your relationships, longing for meaningful connections aligned with your authentic self?

  • Are you inspired by mindful leaders and want to start the journey to become one yourself?

Brian Berneman is a spiritual life coach. This image is a close-up of him holding some essence. You can see smoke rising from the wood.

In our journey together we will:

  • Cultivate genuine well-being, harmonising productivity with inner serenity in all areas of your life to improve overall health. 

  • Demystify the essence of "work/life balance", integrating mindfulness into every facet of your existence.

  • Unlock your latent potential, allowing your profession to be a playground of long term growth and self-discovery.

  • Infuse joy and purpose into your daily tasks, redefining what fulfilment at work truly signifies.

  • Harness a renewed zest for life, making every moment count.

  • Cultivate a serene mind, fostering resilience and poise even amidst chaos.

  • Learn to listen to the innate wisdom of your body, paving the way for holistic self-care.

  • Elevate your awareness and focus, becoming truly present in each moment.

Kind Words

estás list@?

Frequency of sessions.

You can explore the three-month journey with either 12 sessions or 6 sessions. 
Looking for longer support and accountability? My coaching offer can extend to 6 month and year-long journeys.

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6 Weeks

Brian Berneman Icon.png

12 Weeks

Brian Berneman Icon.png

6 Months

Brian Berneman Icon.png

1 Year

1-1 coaching programs

Let's journey together, exploring the profound depths of your being, and manifesting a life of purpose, balance, and profound joy.

Conscious Transformation Blueprint

8 Weeks 
Think wellness personal trainer!
Conscious Transformation Blueprint is a 8 week program. It blends the impact of 1:1 coaching with group sessions both online and in person to change your relationship with your work and how you live your daily life.
Brian Berneman is a health and wellness coach NZ. This image is a close up of Brian lighting some incense. The flame is bright and it is capturing a piece of wood.

Holistic Growth
12 Weeks 

Dive deep into a carefully curated 3-month journey, meticulously designed to nurture every facet of your being.

Twelve Tailored Sessions:

Engage in weekly one-hour immersive sessions, each crafted to progressively guide you towards self-awareness, balance, and profound transformation.

Initiate your path with introspective exploration, allowing Brian to understand your unique essence and tailor the program to your individual needs.

Discovery Period Pre-Coaching:
Resourceful Compendium:

Delve into handpicked resources, from readings to practices, further enriching your journey and offering tools for continuous growth beyond the coaching period.

Empowerment Toolkit:

Gain access to a myriad of powerful tools and techniques, bridging ancient wisdom with modern neuroscience, enabling sustainable change and deep personal growth.

Accountability Check-Ins:

Experience the motivating force of consistent check-ins, ensuring you remain on track, inspired, and committed to your transformative journey.

Relish the assurance of having Brian's guidance just a phone call or email away. He will work closely with you, offering insights, encouragement, and wisdom whenever you need it.

Unwavering Support:

Esto es para mi?

Si estás en una carrera "exitosa" pero no contento.

Si sos manager, CEO, CFO, COO, o en otra posición de liderazgo.

Si estás list@ para el próximo nivel en tu vida.

Si querés maximizar tu tiempo.

Si estás list@ para más tener una vida y relaciones más significativas.

Entonces SI!

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